Shea Butter is the ABSOLUTELY THE MOST AMAZING thing I’ve used since baby powder. The benefits of it is off the roof, and it’s completely natural. Put it on before you sleep, and you wake up with smooth, supple skin. Don’t worry about it being so thick, it’ll clog your pores. Acne? Not a problem, it gets rid of that within 2 weeka (time depending on how bad it is). Use it as a daily moisturizer, even.use it on your hair (especially for the naturals who are prone to dry hair) The consistency at first may seems “hard” but after a few seconds of rubbing on your skin, the heat of your body will melt it and allow it to freely cover the rest of the area. Just felt like doong missionary work and telling everyone that this stuff is the shiiiiiiiiit cus it helps with my mild (barely there) acne and scars, scratches, etc that I may have. But make sure you get ahold of the UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER. Getting some boogey Shea butter won’t help. I got mine in the streets of Harlem, but they are advisable in most beauty supply stores, starting at $5. A little goes a long way.



My hair crush/hair inspiration, Natural Chica aka Nikkimae2003 (YouTube). Click photo to see her tips for amazing natural hair. 

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